1991  Self-tensioning, high-conductivity RCA plug, U.S. Patent 5,413,503 1992  Symmetricoax™ cable design, U.S. Patent 5,298,682 1995  The Cable Comparator™, CES Innovations 1995 Award, U.S. Patent 5,740,255. 1998  The Cable Comparator System™ 2002  The Cable Comparator Disc™ , the world’s first sonic comparisons of cables on a CD. 2004  In January, Starlight® 5 became the first upgrade HDMI cable on the market. 2005  Introduced the flat Silver Starlight® 52, the first innovation in HDMI cable design. The first line of HDMI cables labeled according to official HDMI bandwidth ratings. 2006  Silver Starlight® 52 flat HDMI cable wins CES Innovations 2006 award. Insta-Wire Speaker Cable System wins CES Innovations 2006 award. Power Conditioning Cords™ introduced at CES 2006. 2007  DNA™, Delineated Neutralizing Array™, cable design introduced at CES 2007. 2008  Composilex™technology, introduced in Platinum Eclipse interconnects at CEDIA Expo 2008. World’s first molded carbon fiber RCA plugs introduced on Platinum Eclipse. Flat jitter-reducing USB cable with full bandwidth at 7 meters CEDIA Expo 2008. World’s first upgrade Displayport cable, Ultraviolet, introduced in November 2008. 2009 Platinum Eclipse reference cables receive numerous awards, including The Absolute Sound's 'Interconnect and Speaker Cable of the Year". The first DNA Helix™ 75-ohm digital audio cable, Starlight 6,introduced at CES 2009. 2010 Radically new 24-Conductor DNA Helix™ HDMI cable design (patent pending)introduced in Platinum Starlight and Silver Starlight 6 HDMI cables, with 30Gbps transmission speed, establish a new reference standard for video and audio fidelity.    
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